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Experimentální návrh

About us

Envi A. o.p.s. is a nonprofit organization founded in November 2007. The impulse for its creation was to create the conditions for quality education of children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Company representatives were aware that the critical point is the motivation – motivation to change in access to education, the target group of pupils with special educational needs, motivating students to educate themselves.

Ing. Arch. Michal Šourek stood at the idea of implementation aesthetic education into primary education and preschool education. Aesthetic education is adapted to teaching children growing up in circumstances of social exclusion and in an environment with low intellectual and cultural potential.

Envi A. declares the following objectives in the Aesthetic Education Project plan entitled „How to successfully overcome the handicaps of environment“ (the first project plan ever, which was modified to implement) from the beginning:

  • Change in approach to teaching pupils from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and approaches simultaneously change to this target group
  • Increasing the skills of teachers, the importance of education
  • Assist disadvantaged students immediately upon their entry into the education system
  • Trying to bring students to realize the value of education and personal development, enhancing motivation for learning, which ultimately will lead not only to the labor market, but also achieve a much higher goal of a successful process of integration into mainstream society
  • Efforts to educate the children into cultivated personalities, through what is close to them and is part of their natural expression – dance, music, singing, art expression included in the forms and methods of aesthetic education
  • Change of access of parents to education value

Guarantors monitor aesthetic education and check the quality of the project during project implementation. Already at the beginning of the project, all parties were surprised that the project was adopted as children and teachers. It's hard to grasp the situation with the parents, but the improvement could also be observed.